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Wall Decals

Wall stickers and decals

Each sticker and decal has been produced by Kelly Bonds team of artists to help you achieve your interior aspirations. With backgrounds ranging from antique restoration to branding, and of course interior renovation, we are armed with a comprehensive design toolbox.

Designed Freedom

Using the combined experience of our interior experts, and artists we hope to offer every possible option to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, and living space walls. We have selected a range of design styles to fit with your existing décor. Whether it’s a vintage look, genuine period designs, or simply adding that extra something to bring that boring wall to life, you can be sure to achieve it with Kelly Bonds range of stickers and decals.


Kelly’s sticker and decal designs are exclusive. Once you’ve added your own twist with our comprehensive range of customisation options you can rest easy, you will not see it anywhere else.

Easy Installation

All of our stickers and decals have been approved by our experienced fitters. This ensures easy, hassle free application, quicker, easier, and a lot less messy than paint or wallpaper.

Window Film

Windows of Opportunity

Kelly Bond’s frosted window films turn plain glass into a canvas with which to express your creative side. The decorative options are endless, from your shower screen to a personalised fanlight.

Design Flexibility

All of our window film designs are produced in–house by the Kelly Bond artistic team, with backgrounds ranging from antique restoration to branding, and of course interior renovation. Put this together with our range of customisation options and you have the toolset to achieve your interior vision. Be it a classic period look or bold and contemporary. Our window film and frost provides the perfect way to enhance and unify your interior and exterior décor.


Kelly Bond’s window film and frosting designs are exclusive, and once you’ve taken advantage of our customisation toolbox, your design will be truly unique.

Easy Installation

All of our designs have been optimised by our experienced fitters, to ensure an easy and hassle free application.

Solar Film

Environmentally Friendly

Solar films can provide a reduction of up to 81% in heat transfer. This translates to a warmer house in the winter, reducing your energy costs, and a cooler more comfortable room in the summer. No more hotspots.

Protect Your Home And Family

The reduction in UV rays that solar film provides not only prevents your furniture and upholstery from fading, it also acts as a permanent sunscreen for your family, blocking 98% of harmful UV rays. Ideal for protecting newborns and young children.

Glare Reduction

Protect your eyes with our solar film, whether it’s a south facing conservatory, or annoying glare on your TV. Make your living spaces considerably more comfortable with our glare reducing films.

Suitable For All Décor

Kelly Bond’s solar films are available in a variety of styles to compliment your existing aesthetic. You can enhance the look of an exterior with our silver solar films or preserve a traditional look with our subtle clear films.

Easy Installation

Our solar films are quicker and easer to apply than replacing existing glazing, and require only water to fit.

Canvas Art

Unique Library

Kelly Bondrsquo;s rare and eclectic collection of artworks span a large spectrum of styles and colours to compliment your décor. All are of extremely high quality and resolution.

Quality Materials

We have painstakingly selected and tested our materials to ensure you receive the best product possible. The 330 GSM matte canvas and 38mm gallery stretcher bars guarantee an impact–full quality finish.




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